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Who we are, what we do and what motivates us.

We’re testing universal basic income!

More and more people feel that universal basic income could be really good for our society. We think so too. Universal basic income has been a hot topic recently. There are pilot experiments, trial models and field studies in model regions. But there isn’t yet a universal basic income experiment in Germany. We say, “Enough talk!” Let’s finally give it a try – a scientifically sound and ambitious government universal basic income trial!

We’re turning to direct democracy and are launching referendums all over Germany. If we succeed up to five federal states will be able to vote for a basic income experiment in 2021.
In every state in which enough people speak up for it, official pilot programs will run starting 2023.

Your expedition team

We‘d like to get started together with you. Let’s research universal basic income together!

Want to get in touch? Write to us at support@expedition-grundeinkommen.de

  • Laura Brämswig
    Gründerin, Kampagnenstrategin
  • Joy Ponader
    Gründer*in, Kampagnenstrateg*in
  • Lucia Lang
  • Valentin Schagerl
  • Leonie Schraven
    Projektmanagerin, Organisationsentwicklerin
  • Tatiana Schär
  • Tuan Tran
    Community Work
  • Mark Appoh
  • Nicolas Lembeck
  • Vilma-Lou Sinn
  • Sarah Delahaye
  • Nicolai Mauersberg
  • Felix Buchholz

How it all began

The expedition began when we started comprehensively researching universal basic income together with many people. We want to understand how it works, gain real-world experience on it's impacts, lead a fair debate, and finally get politicians on board!

This was the path that brought founders Laura and Joy together in the summer of 2018, to allow their thoughts and ideas to grow further. Initial preparation was made in the spring of 2019, and more people joined the effort. Expedition Grundeinkommen has been public since October 2019, and the movement has continued to grow. Together we can push for a government-backed model project for universal basic income.

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